The Bug Club
Launching Moondream One

So if I had any complaints about that previous Bug Club album (see below), it was that it was just too short. Well guess what! There's another one! Well, an EP at least, from earlier in the year. But it's just as good! Combining these two they've nearly got a full length LP!

The Bug Club
Pure Particles

Ignore the twee name and aughts-ass sketchpad cartoon bubble letter cover art. The Bug Club is simple and Welsh and fun as shit. Bare-bones rock-n-roll power-pop indie-boogie-woogie, blues licks and guitar solos, endless earworms and the dryest humored lead singer since Gruff Rhys. I love every one of its 20 minutes.

Red Hook TavernBrooklyn

Yet another of one of "NYC's best burgers".

It's pretty good! A little peppery, but good! Good flavor, not too juicy but not too dry, not overwhelmed with toppings, quality bun! No complaints! Keep it on the list!

Elmhurst Famous PizzaQueens
Indo-Pak pizza

I was excited when I heard that one of my local pizza joints makes an "Indo-Pak" pizza—basically a heavy garlic-onion-jalepeno infused with some curry flavors. Makes sense given the dense South Asian population around the neighborhood, and I was extra excited considering how much I love Minneapolis' own Crescent Moon Football Pizza (which, granted, is Afghani and not Indian or Pakastani, but the general idea is the same).

The disappointment! Total bummer. Not necessarily in the concept of the pizza, but I think Elmhurst Famous Pizza maybe just kinda sucks. It felt like eating Pizza Hut or Dominoes, but not as carnally satisfying as either of those. Either way, not nearly as good as a Football Pizza. (Seriously. Are you in Minneapolis? Have you had a Football Pizza? Fucking do it.)